had never thought i would have to face one……..
But when i did, it came in a way i never expected.
A “so called accident” is the better term since it occurred (according to media personnel) on a road, which I had named as “not Lakshmi’s Road” and on which I dont remember having travelled…!!!

But, the accident happened in my garage itself…..
then why is this whole confusion and media hype…………???

Guess the cops were so eager to charge me with rash driving that they didnt care that i had just hit the tree in my garage and that too without no injuries to my car and myself.

And have you ever heard of House Arrest being awarded to a “criminal” for “road Accident”……??
Well, then i have made history here……..congrats Lakshmi….!!

An year more to go before my punishment period gets over…..
So, sitting simply at home, waiting for the day of release into a world of new hopes………………..


1 Comment

  1. bala said,

    20 June, 2010 at 9:28 pm


    let your hopes come true and i do want the people who hurt you to read this..
    let them understand what they did..

    just one advice for you..
    “to reach heaven firstly you need to die”

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